The Raw Society: Issue 2

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Issue II was made possible thanks to the Adopt a Story program and several generous patrons.

It features American Sketches by Ed Kashi Julie Winokur, There is Life on Mars by Jorge Delgado-Ureña, Open Doors by Sandra Hernández, A Way into Mexico by Jim Ewel, Beyond Broadway by Hunter Hart, Co-Addict by Christelle Enquist, Walls that Breathe by Tamer Tamar,  Hometown Prom by Pam Fricke, I Daydream in the Memories of My Youth by Stephanie Duprie RouthThe State of (American) Journalism by Micah & Kayla GreenColorism by Lisa Winner Silvesterklausen: An Old New Year’s Tradition by Sabina Diethelm, and Street Vets by Thomas Machowicz.

Also included in the magazine is an interview with the incredible Nick Brandt and opening notes by Ibarionex Perello.

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