Geoffrey Biddle: Rock in a Landslide

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Photography and family have been in dialogue for Geoffrey Biddle most of his life. He uniquely mediates and meditates on circles of relation, love and care through the camera’s eye. In this long-awaited memoir, Biddle narrates his photographs with a frank and moving account of surviving his wife's illness and death as a single father. Rock In A Landslide begins with the romance between Biddle and noted sculptor Mary Ann Unger, two artists who first met as picture researchers at Magnum Photos in mid 1970s New York City. He recounts their charged partnership, their parallel creative practice, and the East Village factory space they reclaimed as both home and shared studio. Their “Great Collaboration” was daughter Eve whose joyous birth was soon tempered by Unger’s breast cancer diagnosis and thirteen-year journey of treatment and recurrence. Biddle now edits and frames his images with the clarifying distance of time — making sense of the immediacy and tidal emotions enshrined in the photographs, revelatory of what so many families experience with both fear and determination.

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