Felix Gonzalez-Torres / Roni Horn

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A photographic homage to the conceptual and formal sympathies between two artist friends

In 1990 Félix González-Torres (1957-96) encountered an artwork by Roni Horn (born 1955) called Gold Field (1980/82), a sheet of gold foil placed on the floor of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. González-Torres was deeply moved and wrote to Horn, beginning an exchange that would last until González-Torres' death. Félix González-Torres Roni Horn is a photographic essay sharing the experiential qualities of the artists' work and the profound relationships underlying it. It explores four iconic works (among others)--"Untitled" (For Stockholm) (1992) and "Untitled" (Blood) (1992) by González-Torres, and Well and Truly (2009-10) and a.k.a. (2008-09) by Horn--emphasizing notions of doubling, duality, repetition and identity. Images of these pieces, taken on the occasion of a 2022 exhibition at the Bourse de Commerce-Pinault Collection in Paris, reveal both artists' radical visual vocabularies and their shared passion for language and poetry.

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