Imogen Wilson: Dreams

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Collecting photographs from 2019–2022 on her travels through Australia and Japan, 'Dreams' captures the world through the eyes of renowned photographer Imogen Wilson — enchanted, colourful and full of possibility. A meditation on friendship, girlhood, self-actualisation, youth, motherhood, identity and adventure.

Imogen's outlook is playful above all, finding the mischief and hidden magic in anything she points her lens at. Toys, bedrooms, friends, landscapes and still lifes all serve as metaphors and illustrate her singular perspective on the world: cheeky, feminine, tough and glamorous all at once. This is a document of a moment in time, capturing the post-internet melting pot of subcultures and aesthetics, the cultural feedback loop of a globalised world — rendered personal, fresh and intimate through her choices. Visually the book is spellbinding and ethereal, with a colour palette that is at once vibrant and washed out; bright and muted, uncanny — as if in Dreams. — Jack Mannix

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