Dana Miller - Drift

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This first book by photographer Dana Miller is composed of images from a twenty-year timespan, created by roaming through the woods, listening, and looking. Some are made in urban areas, and the human trace is apparent, but nature is the draw. In the book’s essay, Christopher Alessandrini writes, “Drift begins on an airplane and ends in a living room, but the forest is everywhere—a place of many moods, alternately seductive and terrifying.”

Take a step deeper and you’ll see that Drift is a poetic dive into the literal and metaphorical states of water. Full of atmospheric phenomena and ephemeral traces of light, the 47 photographs in this beautifully designed French-fold book are at times dizzying and disorienting; at other times calm and meditative. Ultimately, Drift is a collection of haunting images punctuated by the joyful exuberance of nature.

Drift was published by Dark Spring Press, designed by Robert Gallerani and Andy Burgess, and includes an essay by Christopher Alessandrini.

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