Brian Graham: Goin’ Down the Road with Robert Frank

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An intimate and original photographic portrait of Robert Frank by a longtime friend and collaborator

Robert Frank carefully entwined his life and work, yet the man behind the camera always remained enigmatic. Goin’ Down the Road with Robert Frank is a rare insider’s look at Frank’s world by his longtime friend and assistant Brian Graham (born 1951). Graham’s photos, made between 1979 and 2019, take us behind the scenes of Frank at work―on location for his 1987 film Candy Mountain, photographing Allen Ginsberg, inspecting contact sheets―and into his private life: laughing with his wife June Leaf, exploring a thrift shop, even fixing the roof of his Bleecker Street studio. Candid and spontaneous, Graham’s images are often arranged in filmic sequences that create a sense of events unfolding in real time. They are framed with nostalgic notes (by Graham and novelist/screenwriter Rudy Wurlitzer) and an introduction by Ai Weiwei.

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