Jesper Haynes: New York Darkroom

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"After I moved to New York in the early 1980’s I got a job printing black and white in Ralph Gibson’s darkroom, at the same time I lived in Larry Clark’s apartment on Hudson and Canal and next door was my favorite nightclub at the time, Area. I never saw daylight.
My goal was to shoot one roll of black and white film every day, sometimes I succeeded, often not.
20 years later I had a collection of thousands of rolls of film and for each roll a contact sheet was created, these contact sheets represented my photographic life, it was my diary.
We were in love with the city and with the feeling that anything is possible and anything goes.
This is my love story and tribute to New York of the 1980’s."


156 pages b/w photographs

5.83 × 8.27 inches printed on 2 soft cover options,

B/W and Red.

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