Jack Pierson: Tomorrow's Man 6

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The latest edition of the photographer’s playful artist’s book series, featuring works by Agustin Bruno, Mark Flood, Kembra Pfahler and more

The sixth edition in American photographer Jack Pierson’s (born 1960) celebrated artist’s book series, Tomorrow’s Man—titled after the infamous bodybuilding series of the 1950s and '60s—features work from some of Pierson’s favorite contemporary artists, both established and emerging. As in the previous editions, the book comes in four different covers.
This installment showcases a diverse collection of work, such as Cameron Jamie’s ceramics, Clément PJ Schneider’s nude studies and Danny McDonald’s pop-inspired sculptures, alongside images from Matthew Bede Murphy, Michael Bilsborough, Agustin Bruno, Jeremy Deprez, Eliza Douglas, Robert Escalera, Mark Flood, Quinn Gorbutt, Mended Veil, Nathan Morgan, Nehama, Kembra Pfahler and Niv Shank. Rounding out this volume are Pierson’s own images and assorted ephemera as well as a screenplay by Chico Kramer.

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