Ernesto Esquer - Da Roma a Reggio

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*limited quantity signed by Ernesto Esquer

Da Roma A Reggio (From Rome To Reggio) by Ernesto Esquer is a collection of images taken on his travels through Italy in the summer of 2018. From the popular tourist spots of Rome to the quieter working-class neighborhoods of Reggio di Calabria in southern Italy, Ernesto captured moments of simple pleasure, gazing on the commonplace with a poetic sensibility and a deft eye. Esquer is dedicated to classic, modernist photography and the darkroom print, shooting with his vintage analog cameras and carefully crafting his prints by hand to create his timeless images, connecting with the viewer on an aesthetic and emotional level. As Michael Hulett, director of Peter Fetterman Gallery, notes in the foreword, “There’s a song to them and if you listen closely you can hear it playing.”

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