Nicki Minaj, Queens, New York, Print

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Angela Boatwright on assignment for Vibe captured this iconic image of Nicki Minaj in May of 2008. Staged in a random diner in Queens while they were open, customers trickled in and out, Nicki was still unknown and the diner customers were unaware of the were witnessing this history making photograph.
Angela found Nicki fun, spontaneous, bold and unapologetic, she shot over 20 rolls of film that day and almost every image was a stand-out. Nicki was already a star.

Angela earned her nickname of Pancake tiger because that was the direction she gave Nicki during the shoot, "You're a TIGER, a PANCAKE TIGER."

• 14 x 11 inches (W x H) C print by Angela Boatwright

• Limited edition of 15; Signed 

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