Michael Clinton: Wanderlust Deluxe - One Hundred Countries

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Photography by acclaimed photographer Michael Clinton. An extraordinary photographic record of people and places far and wide, spanning seven continents and compiled over decades. Luxuriously designed with eight translucent vellum inserts and a specially commissioned pull-out map of the world. A collection of essays and photographs inviting you to enter a world of unforgettable visual adventure.

Clinton's intense longing to wander the world has since brought him to every continent and face-to-face with the world's most spectacular cities, breathtaking landscapes, diverse people and exotic wildlife, and all the while documenting his travels with his camera and journal. Following in the footsteps of all other adventurers, a master plan that began as a pure gesture of can do independence subsequently becomes Clinton's own personal road to self-discovery.

Clinton's journeys have over the years slowly manifested into countless experiences, plane tickets, journal entries, and thousands of photographs, over 200 of which are showcased for the first-time in Wanderlust: One Hundred Countries. From Namibia's towering ochre-colored sand dunes populated with crying hyenas, to Antarctica's stark snow-and-ice covered peaks, Clinton's powerful images reveal moments experienced in places most readers can only fantasize about. As imaginative as it is inspiring, Wanderlust: One Hundred Countries is at once a personal account of Clinton's passionate desire to travel the globe, as well as one-man's celebration of what life can offer so that others might be reminded to keep their own dreams alive.

This deluxe edition comes with a clamshell box and includes a signed and numbered print.

Please note - there is a crease on the print.


• Hardcover; English; 160 pages

• Publisher: Glitterati  /  Pub Date: June 2006

• Book dimensions: 10.66 x 11.56 x 0.96 inches (W x L x D)

• Clamshell box dimensions: 11.74 x 12.8 x 1.77 inches (W x L x D)

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