Leigh Ledare - Double Bind

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Double Bind is built based on a protocol established by the artist Leigh Ledare. He organized two work sessions, two months apart. The first session documents the encounter between the artist and his ex- wife, Meghan Ledare-Fedderly, in a hotel room in New York's countryside. For the second session, Meghan returned to the same place with her current husband, the photographer Adam Fedderly. During the sessions, 742 photographs were taken by Leigh Ledare and Adam Fedderly to trace the course of the days, reflecting the couple's intimacy from each husband's perspective. This process gave rise to two series of black and white photographs with Meghan as the sole model. The two subjective archives resulting from the photo shoots provide the basis of this project and evoke an ontological and phenomenological comparison of the subject, seen through the circumstances of the two relationships: on one hand, the potential of the newlyweds' partnership; on the other a relationship doomed to impossibility.

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