Boris Mikhailov - From "blaue horse" till now days 1965-2022

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From "blaue horse" till now days 1965-2022 Published on the occasion of Boris Mikhailov's major retrospective at the MEP, Paris The book brings together 27 of Mikhailov's projects over the last 57 years. Working closely with Boris and Vita Mikhailov on the design and edit of the book we have included over 3000 words in quotes giving a unique insight into each project and Boris' methodology and philosophy. An second booklet with essays contributed by Simon Baker (Director of MEP, Paris), Laurie Hurwitz (Curator of the exhibition), and artist Leigh Ledare (artists and friend of the Mikhailov's) complements the main book. Included in this are also translations for the series Viscidity and Unfinished Dissertation.

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